Faux Finishes, Trompe L’oeil, Murals, Custom Canvases, Antiquing, Children’s rooms, Themed rooms and other Decorative Painting in the greater San Diego County and beyond

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Why Faux & decorative glazes?
It can turn an ordinary space into an hi end & amazing feature of your home or business. Creating unique design with an atmosphere that can change the whole feel of a room or add subtitle enhancements to bring up the level of design to a space. See more of Amandas Faux Finishing projects

It’s a way of getting texture and design on your walls without wallpapering or right along side of it creating multiple options Easier to change than wallpaper. Saves money on removing paper. The choices on color, texture patterns and hand painted design elements are endless. On furniture it can be an alternative to striping paints surfaces.

Fields of Art
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