Faux Finishes, Trompe L’oeil, Murals, Custom Canvases, Antiquing, Children’s rooms, Themed rooms and other Decorative Painting in the greater San Diego County and beyond

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San Diego based but not limited to, artist catering to the most beautiful homes in California. Faux finishing, cabinetry, murals, children’s rooms, decorative & applied arts i.e.: chairs, ostrich eggs, lighting fixtures, faux wood(making non wooden & non stone items look like wood or stone)


CSLB #817784, Stroup Studios, Pacific Event Productions, Sea World, SIC/Pretty SIC clothing, Haunted Hotel/Frightmare, Sector Nine hand painting skate decks. U.S. Navy painting murals for them(this includes working with BAE, MRF, Gill Marketing. Residential homes applying various art forms and applications. Sign painting & custom painting on commercial properties.

Rodney Stroup Studios

Designing large scale art. Props, murals for Sea World & other various companies.

Pacific Event Productions

Designing large scale art. Props, murals, hand lettering & designing signage, photo-ops painting large cartoon like characters,carnival style facades, fauxing (faking) textures such as brick, high-end stonework. Delivered to various company, public & military party events.

Sea World

Schooling to learn the art of cartooning. On site artist.

SIC Clothing/Pretty SIC

Created the name for the women’s clothing line for SIC Clothing. “Pretty SIC”. Sold various designs for T-shirts.

Sector Nine Skateboards

Bought unvarnished skate decks directly from Sector Nine (when located in Sorrento). I would hand paint the decks, seal them and independently sell them.

Murphy Surfboard Shapes/Sam Cody: hand painted surfboards before having the final lacquer applied.

BAE, MRF, Gill Marketing

Painting murals for installation on board various U.S. Navy ships & carriers. The list includes;    U.S.S. Ronald Reagan, U.S.S. Higgins, U.S.S. Chancellorsville, U.S.S. Bunker Hill, U.S.S. Mobile Bay, U.S.S. Cape Saint George, U.S.S. Andrew Sterrett.

High-end Greater San Diego areas including; The Crosby, The Bridges, Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch North & South gate, Leucadia, Carlsbad, La Costa, Encinitas, East Bay, most beach cities, Alpine and further East. As far as Pennsylvania & Texas. (Virginia, Maryland..)


The Advertising Arts College. This school was eventually bought by The Art Institute. Same type of curriculum involving all aspects of Advertising Art & Marketing. San Diego City College. Theatre art & design. Grossmont College & Balboa art programs enrolled in Life Drawing


High end faux finishing, a variety of mural subject matter including people, animals, landscapes, political & U.S. State murals…Cabinetry. Changing the tone and color of cabinets without stripping the existing varnish or lacquer, Antiquing wood & metal using oil & acrylic colors & acrylic metallics.

Hand created & painted patterns. Logo design, art canvas, commissioned canvas.

Very large scale faux finishing and murals using scaffolding.I use various scaffold rental services for this need.

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CSLB #817784